Sep 10, 2015

Win a Trip To Iceland With Inspired By Iceland’s New Guðmundur 2.0 Campaign

Inspired By Iceland has announced the addition of exciting new features to its unique internet service Ask Guðmundur, the world’s first human search engine. Launched today, Guðmundur 2.0 is the latest chapter from Inspired By Iceland’s year round tourism campaign. New features include Guðmundur Hangouts and a series of awe-inspiring real-time experiences.

The seven bespoke, once-in-a-lifetime experiences will offer people the exclusive opportunity to hangout with one of Iceland’s special Guðmundur regional representatives, first introduced earlier this year as part of the Ask Guðmundur campaign, in Iceland.  

Each will give them a real life, behind the scenes view of the seven regions of Iceland. The Hangouts, which will take place between September 25 and November 31, will give tourists an insider’s view of Iceland through a variety of incredible food, photography, adventure, culture, film, winter and sustainability-based experiences. Hangout destinations include:

Adventurous travelers can enter for their chance to secure a place at one of the seven exclusive events beginning today, via the Inspired By Iceland website.

Inga Hlín Pálsdóttir, Director, Tourism & Creative Industries at Promote Iceland said, “When we launched Ask Guðmundur, it was decidedly Icelandic and a truly personable service. It was so well received the world over that we decided to upgrade the service. Everyone knows Google Hangouts. And everyone likes to hang out. But it’s a lot more fun to hang out in person. With Guðmundur Hangouts you get to actually hang out with our Guðmundurs and see Iceland through their eyes.”

Along with its new Hangout feature, Guðmundur will also receive a maps upgrade. Guðmundur Maps will provide an online tool for tourists featuring secret places and tips from Icelanders and other visitors from all over the world, as well as new videos and photo content collated from the #AskGuðmundur campaign.

In addition, later this month, Inspired by Iceland will trial its new Guðmundur Mobile feature with a live digital billboard featuring one of the seven regional Guðmundurs, who will answer questions live on the streets of Paris.   

Check out the video below for more information: