Apr 29, 2015

Spring Driving Vacation Specials From Icelandair Starting at $1,219* Per Person

Springtime in Iceland is unlike anything else – a time when birds arrive to nest, green colors and flowers appear on the landscape, and the days lengthen to almost 24 hours of sunlight! May and early June are a great time to visit Iceland with many of the same benefits as summer travel but without the higher prices and larger crowds.

These two specially-priced (from $1,219* per person, double occupancy) packages from Icelandair offer an affordable way to enjoy the peaceful tranquility, green nature and outdoor adventure of North or East Iceland. Book your travel between May 1 and June 30, 2015.

These three-night packages are especially ideal for people who have already enjoyed Reykjavik and who now want to explore other areas of Iceland, or for those looking for a short getaway with the benefits of slow travel in lesser-known locales.

Peaceful Arctic North and Nature Baths (Akureyri and Myvatn)
North Iceland boasts the surreal, beautiful Lake Myvatn area. Highlights of this area include the mystic Dimmuborgir (Dark Cities), full of lava-pillars and formations rich with mystic sagas and tales; Namaskard Pass with sulphurous mud pools and steam springs; Krafla volcano; Skutustadir pseudo-craters; and the Myvatn Nature Baths, a natural pool of geothermal water based in the middle of lava fields with a great view over Myvatn area. Springtime brings bird watching opportunities as many varieties from North America and Europe arrive to nest in the area. You will also have the chance to experience the charming town of Akureyri – the center of culture, education and leisure activities in northern Iceland. Overnights on this package may be based in Akureyri or Myvatn or both, based on availability. Visit these sites for more information on Akureyri and Myvatn.

East Iceland Fjords and Nature
East Iceland is the oldest part of the country, geologically. Around the Eastern Fjords, the landscape is hauntingly beautiful with snow streaked mountains divided by deep fjords, canyons, waterfalls and moors. This is the homeland of wild reindeer herds that are unique to this corner of the country. Amazing geological formations are frequent, and the area is famous for its attractive minerals. East Iceland has an abundance of natural harbors, charming fishing villages and is the location of Iceland’s largest forest. This is also the site of traditional elf folklore, World War II history and diverse wildlife such as ptarmigans, gyrfalcons, swans and Arctic foxes. Bird watchers can enjoy viewing puffins in the Borgarfjordur Eystri region, which has a special bird viewing area.

The region has also been getting a name for itself for its delicious new Nordic cuisine sourced from local farms and fjords. Stay in Egilsstadir town, the capital of the East and the main hub for service, trade and education. Unlike many other towns and villages in Iceland, Egilsstadir has a beautiful green belt of trees and woods, packed with enjoyable forest walks and trails. Click here for more information on East Iceland.

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