Apr 28, 2015

Iceland Launches ‘Ask Guðmundur,’ the World’s First Human Search Engine

Iceland, known for its welcoming spirit has today launched a unique internet service with a difference; Ask Guðmundur, the world’s first human search engine.

The decidedly Icelandic and truly personable service will see special representatives from each of Iceland’s seven regions offer their insider knowledge to the world via Inspired By Iceland’s social media platforms. Each representative shares the name Guðmundur or Guðmunda, currently one of the most popular forenames in the country with over 4,000 men and women claiming it as their own.

The service will kick off today with Guðmundur of the North, Guðmundur Karl Jónsson, a keen skier and golf lover who will encourage people from around the world to submit their most burning questions about Iceland, from “what is the best place to visit in the North?” to “Is it always cold in Iceland?”

While you think of your questions, watch this fun video from Inspired by Iceland: 


Inga Hlín Pálsdóttir, Director, Tourism & Creative Industries at Promote Iceland said: “So many people have questions about our wonderful country, so why ask a computer when you can ask Guðmundur? We’re hoping that the world will embrace this new, personal service and will share their questions with our human search engine.  We like to offer a personal approach in all we do and this service offers just that. Each of our seven Guðmundurs is a specialist in their region and are excited about answering the world’s questions about Iceland in a truly human way. Iceland is a small country with a wealth of secrets and now Ask Guðmundur will help us share them with the world.”

Ask Guðmundur is now open for questions and will run from Spring to Fall. Questions can be submitted through Inspired By Iceland’s Facebook, Twitter (hashtag #AskGudmundur) and weekly videos will air on YouTube.

Guðmundur Karl Jónsson, Guðmundur of the North comments: “We like to do things differently here in Iceland and so when I heard about this campaign from Inspired By Iceland, I wanted to get involved. Being a truly human search engine we won’t be answering every question and some answers might need pondering for longer than others.  Those I can’t answer myself I will take to my friends and my family. We’re looking forward to hearing what folk most want to know about our breathtaking Iceland.”

About Inspired by Iceland

Inspired by Iceland is a public private partnership between the between the Icelandic government, City of Reykjavik, the Icelandic Travel Industry Association, Landsbankinn, Icelandair and other leading companies in Icelandic tourism. Promote Iceland is the developer and the executive body of the campaign.

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