Sep 07, 2016

Go Back to School With Iceland Academy’s Newest Videos

Autumn is upon us, which means students are headed back to school. Join Inspired By Iceland in celebrating the new school year with its latest Iceland Academy videos teaching you how to dress and eat like an Icelander. You can also learn the best ways to see and capture the Northern Lights. Their advice? “Pack Warm, Stay Happy.”

This term’s sessions include tips from Ylfa Helgadóttir, a 27 year-old chef and member of the National Culinary team and one of our very own Taste of Iceland chefs, and Baldur Kristjáns, a photographer from Reykjavik who has been documenting the life of Icelanders for the past 10 years. Once you watch all three videos and complete the short, fun quiz testing your knowledge, you will receive a special Iceland Academy badge. Get all the badges and you’ll be entered to win a trip to Iceland for the chance to test your new skills! For more information, visit the Inspired By Iceland website.

Later this year, Iceland Academy will release more online classes to expand your knowledge – stay tuned!