Apr 07, 2015

Four Unique Icelandic Tours You Need to Check Out This Summer

Summer in Iceland is magical. The sun remains visible nearly 24 hours a day, creating a phenomenon known as the ‘midnight sun.’ The midnight sun lasts for up to two months, giving travelers plenty of daylight hours to fully explore Iceland. Here are a few new and exciting tours you won’t want to miss:

Volcano Tour, Reykjanes

AWOL is a new tour operator in Iceland that provides visitors the chance to discover unspoiled Icelandic nature. AWOL offers a number of hiking trips across an array of volcanic terrains. The 4 mile ‘Volcano Land Tour’ starts near the volcanic crater Eldborg, close to Mount Trölladyngja. Following a breathtaking ascent, travelers will descend down the mountain’s south side and journey onto a small hillside, Lambafell. Lasting approximately seven hours, the tour will take hikers through the amazing formation of Lambafellsklofi, a narrow and deep fissure which splits the hillside in half. Prices for the volcano road trip start around $130 per person. For more information, click here.

Yoga Tour in the Westfjords, West Iceland

Combine an exhilarating hike and relaxing yoga practices while taking in the breathtaking views of the Westfjords. The new yoga tour, which starts at the  Patreksfjörður Tourist Centre, begins with stretching and breathing exercises to increase lung capacity and endurance. The tour will then continue with a guided walk from Breiðavík to Lambavatn Lake. Regular pit-stops are made along the way to practice yoga while taking in the spectacular scenery of the Westfjords. Prices start at $120 per person per day and include guidance from a qualified yoga instructor and a refreshment pack. For more information, click here.

Fish and Eat Your Catch, East Iceland

Enjoy a three-day tour catching local fish in one of Iceland’s most picturesque fjords: Seyðisfjörður, a historical and culturally vibrant village. A local fisherman will be on hand to provide fishing tips and to teach visitors how to catch, prepare and cook their catch. Prices start at $1,300 per person. This includes hotel accommodation, professional fishing guidance, local transport, airport pick up/drop off and mores. For more information, click here.

Seakayaking, Reykjanes Peninsula

Iceland is known for its amazing landscapes and perhaps the most unforgettable way to experience the beauty of the country is by sea kayak. Located only 30 minutes from Reykjavik city center, Reykjanes Seakayak is a new sea-kayaking company situated in the peninsula of Reykjanes. The guided tours take place in the bay, with the tour beginning at Þórustaðir, Vatnsleysuströnd and traversing to the Gerðistangi Lighthouse and back. The tours start on May 1, run through September 30, and prices start at just $70 per person for a two hour trip. For more information, click here.