Feb 02, 2015

Announcing the Winner of Our 2015 Blue Lagoon Challenge Sweepstakes

Updated 4/1

Thank you to everyone who participated in our Blue Lagoon Challenge Sweepstakes. Congratulations to Pete Pettis on being randomly selected out of 25,000+ entries as our winner!

For the first time, Iceland Naturally is offering you the opportunity to travel to Iceland and participate in the 20th annual Blue Lagoon Challenge! One of Iceland’s most well-known bicycling events, this truly unique challenge combines serene landscapes, a demanding but exciting bike course, and the healing waters of Blue Lagoon Iceland into one unforgettable event.

Hosted by the Reykjavik Cycling Club, the Blue Lagoon Challenge is a 60 km course that takes riders through lava fields, fishing villages, and grassy plains with mountain views. At the end of the challenging ride, all participants are treated to traditional Icelandic meat soup and invited to take a soak in the relaxing Blue Lagoon where they can enjoy live music and the award ceremony!

Simply enter our sweepstakes (below or on our Facebook page) between Monday, February 2, 2015 and Tuesday, March 31, 2015 for the chance to win a trip for two to Iceland, two entries to the 2015 Blue Lagoon Challenge, a case of Icelandic Glacial’s super-premium natural spring water and much more (see full prize description below)! We’ll announce the winner on our Facebook page on Thursday, April 2. Make sure to share the contest on Facebook and/or Twitter after you enter to gain extra entries, and use the hashtag #blch2015 to join the conversation on Twitter and Instagram!

The Prize

The Race

The 60 km (37.2 mile) race begins with a neutral start at Ásvallalaug (Hafnafjörður) sports-arena at 4:00 p.m. and rides with a police escort to Kaldárselsvegur, about 3 km away, where timing starts.

Shortly after the race is started the riders travel from Hvaleyrarvatnsvegur, a smooth gravel road to Krísuvíkurvegur, a paved road, which extends to approximately 8km. From there, riders turn onto Djúpavatnsleið (approx 25 km), a narrow gravel road with varied composition from loose sand to rather rocky and bumpy surface. In heavy rain this part of the race can get muddy. The riders then turn onto old Suðurstrandavegur, a hard packed wide gravel road (often very bumpy) (approx 5km), and then switch to the new Suðurstrandavegur (paved road) all the way through Grindavík (town in the south part of Reykjanes). Shortly after Grindavík there is a coarse gravel path that takes the riders to within the last 3km of the race, which is paved. The total elevation of the track is about 600 meters or 1,968 feet.

Finally, riders finish at the Blue Lagoon Parking area and all are offered Icelandic meat soup and welcomed to the warm waters of Blue Lagoon where live music and the award ceremony is held. 

Click here to view complete race rules. For information about registration, teams, awards, and transport for bikes, competitors, etc. click here.

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