Feb 18, 2020


WARMLAND is a new Icelandic group from Reykjavík, consisting of Arnar Guðjónsson and Hrafn Thoroddsen, two Icelandic musicians who met while touring across China in the same band. With a ton of extra-dimensional psych-pop songs, their debut album ‘Unison Love’ is a 12 track manifesto, a finely balanced showcase for a partnership that runs deeper than most. Rooted in pop but deeply exploratory, ‘Unison Love’ is an inspired listen. ‘Gimme Gimme’ veers into outlandish prog territory, with its wild guitar lines and incredible programming; ‘Twincam’ is a tech-inspired digital odyssey, while the title track – and opening number – ‘Unison Love’ is an impossibly pretty psych-pop album. Infectious, extra-dimensional psych-pop gems, all lysergic guitar lines, synthetic digital excursions and addictive melodies. But there’s an extra dimension, too. 

WARMLAND made their live debut with a rapturously received show at Iceland Airwaves, displaying the visual depth to their concert experience – on its release, each song on the album will be paired with a specially crafted video, vastly expanding on their sonic creativity. WARMLANDS music is cinematic; ithas a visual side to it. It all plays together, and it is  all done in-house – from the videos, music, and programming lights – WARMLAND has full control. With their impeccable pop songwriting and their daring experimental excursions WARMLAND channel sheer Icelandic cool on a debut album that both encapsulates and drives their friendship forwards.


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