Aug 26, 2019

Theatrical Performance

Lottas Musical Medley is a 20-30 minute musical performance/stand up where a number of songs from Lotta’s many adventures through the years are performed by some of the most popular characters from their Forest of fables. They take you on an adventure with humorous twists and turns. You can expect everything from the kindness and resourcefulness of Dorothy of Oz or Little Red Riding Hood to clash with the hideously wicked and inappropriate antics of the Icelandic troll Gilitrutt or the Big Bad Wolf.

Leikhópurinn Lotta is an Icelandic theater group that makes high quality family musicals with a wickedly funny edge will perform a musical medley, a performance that is sure to entertain children and adults alike! Their family musicals have covered topics like pollution, the refugee crisis and bullying, and it’s all wrapped up in a brand-new quirky version of your favorite fairy tales.

Perfomance times:



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