Oct 21, 2020


Originally centered around the songwriting partnership of guitarist Bjarni Daníel and bass player Þóra Birgit (both formerly of Reykjavík DIY dream punk icons bagdad brothers), Supersport! has evolved into a dynamic 4-piece project. Adding Dagur Reykdal (of Tucker Carlson’s Jonestown Massacre) on drums and Hugi Kjartansson on lead guitar and keys, the band has already made an impact on the Reykjavík grassroots music scene, with all four members being active organizers within local arts collective, Post-dreifing. 
Supersport! gathers inspiration from wherever it’s found – from Icelandic 70’s pop icons, to 90’s guitar rock, to contemporary indie folk, and even horror films. The band places a big emphasis on the DIT (Do-It-Together) ethos, and celebrates extensive collaborations with other artists, musical or not. 
 Supersport!’s first single, “Ég smánaði mig” (e. “I’ve disgraced myself”) was released via post-dreifing in late February 2020, and their debut EP, DOG RUN, came out in July 2020 to much acclaim.


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