Oct 21, 2020

Pétur Ásgeirsson

Pétur Ásgeirsson has been the Ambassador of Iceland to Canada since November 1, 2017. Previously he was the Consul General of Iceland in Nuuk, Greeland from 2013 to 2017. Within the Ministry for Foreign Affairs in Reykjavík, he held a multitude of roles, including Appointed Ambassador in the Icelandic Foreign Service, Director General for Administration and Consular Affairs, Director for Administration and Consular Affairs and Deputy Director for Administration. He also spent time in the Ministry of Education, Science and Culture, in Reykjavík.

Pétur co-authored the book, Á norðurslóð – ferðasaga frá Grænlandi, which translates to, “On the Arctic Route – a Travelogue from Greenland.” This book was published with his son Ásgeir H. Pétursson in 2017.


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