Aug 26, 2019

Leikhópurinn Lotta

Leikhópurinn Lotta is a theater group from Iceland that makes high quality family musicals with a wickedly funny edge suitable for all ages.

Lotta was founded in 2007 and was an immediate hit. Every summer they premiere a new original family musical based on old fairy tales, sometimes even a few stories in one show mixed cleverly together, topped off with around 10 brand new songs. They then travel around the island in an attempt to spread joy and quality culture to everyone, performing their outdoor show in almost every town and village all around Iceland. Recently, they have started remaking their older shows into indoor winter productions. Lotta tours all over Iceland with around 90 full production shows in the summer time reaching around 25,000 audience members, 70 performances of their winter show reaching around 15,000 people and on top of that they have several versions of their 20 minute best-of-shows booked mostly for festivals or private events at schools, kindergartens  and company gatherings reaching around 200 performances all year around.

Leikhópurinn Lotta, while making really funny high-quality material with very high production value, tackles diverse and important issues in their shows. Their family musicals have for example covered topics like pollution, the refugee crisis and bullying to name a few, and it is all wrapped in a brand-new quirky version of your favorite adventures. In a place called Ævintýraskógurinn (The forest of fables) every single adventure character known to man lives and there their stories take place. Lotta ́s shows include their own original versions of Pinocchio, Little Red Riding Hood, Snow White, Dorothy and her friends from Oz, Jack and the beanstalk, an Icelandic cow named Búkolla, The Little Mermaid, Puss in Boots, Rapunzel, Robin Hood, the Icelandic troll Gilitrutt, Cinderella, Sleeping Beauty and the list goes on for more than a decade of quality productions.

The theater group, while tackling real world problems in their performances, devotedly aims to entertain both adults and children alike in their performances and there is many a hidden joke that has the adults in the crowd letting out a surprised and hearty laugh or two!


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