Aug 26, 2019

Georg Arnar Halldórsson

Georg Arnar Halldórsson is a chef from Reykjavík, Iceland. After graduating from the Icelandic Culinary School, he began working in Michelin star restaurants in Copenhagen and London before moving back to Iceland where he worked as the head chef at Restaurant Kolabrautin at the Harpa Concert Hall for three years. Georg is now the head chef of restaurant ÓX in Reykjavík. Since opening a year ago, Restaurant Óx has been nominated for the nordic prize, been recommended by the Michelin Guide, and is in the White Guide Nordics – a list of top restaurants in the Nordic countries in the Global Master level category.

Georg has received a number of awards for his cooking, including two silver medals and a bronze medal from the 2016 Culinary Olympics in Erfurt, Germany, as well as a bronze medal from the Nordic Chef Team Challenge in Lillestrøm, Norway.

His culinary emphasis is on new Nordic cuisine, and the ingredients that guide his creations are fresh ingredients with creative flavor combinations.


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