Oct 21, 2020

Bergur Ebbi

Bergur Ebbi is an Icelandic speaker and author. He has written the books Room Temperature (2017) and Screenshot (2019). In addition to books, he has written, performed and produced work for stage, radio and television and given social commentary in news columns and as a stand up comic. Ebbi, originally a lawyer, also holds a degree in future studies and gives talks and produces works of strategy and futures thinking. His main themes are personal identity, technology, history of ideas, fashion and zeitgeist.

Bergur Ebbi has given talks for the Government of Iceland and most of Iceland’s biggest corporations and performed on various international events around the world. In his energetic talk, Ebbi explores the human condition in the digital world of ever changing context. Does it convert our values when the majority of thoughts and ideas are rated and priced? What can we learn about context from a micro cosmos in the North Atlantic?


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