Oct 20, 2015

Dr. Fridrik Mar Baldursson

Dr. Fridrik Mar Baldursson is Professor of Economics at Reykjavik University. In addition to publishing his research in international academic journals Professor Baldursson has written extensively on Icelandic economic affairs both locally and in international fora. Baldursson has participated in public policy making in Iceland since the late 1990s and has, in particular, contributed to policies on utilisation and management of Iceland‘s marine and energy resources. In early October 2008 Professor Baldursson was recruited by the Prime Minister‘s Office to lead negotiations with the IMF on Iceland‘s behalf. His most recent work includes research on the Icelandic banking crisis of October 2008, the capital controls imposed in Iceland during the crisis and their interaction with the resolution of the failed Icelandic banks. 

Fridrik Mar Baldursson