Oct 19, 2015


Obsessed with platform shoes and facial glitter as a child, Toronto born and raised Raffa Weyman aka Ralph has always been intrigued by sounds and styles of the past.  Striving to create songs her friends can dance to, the product is a marriage between disco, synth, smooth soul and sultry pop – think Sade meets Donna Summer meets Stevie Nicks. Although the tracks contain irresistible bass rhythms that make you move, the strong lyrics are also worth listening to, as Weyman is a stickler for songs with depth and meaning. After studying vocal performance at Etobicoke School of the Arts, Weyman was a member of several bands; most recently, the lead singer of the all-female folk band Queen of the Fleet. Within the realm of folk music, she learned the necessity of narrative and genuine emotion within song writing. Applying this concept to her new project, Ralph, Weyman has made sure to craft songs that contain catchy, playful melodies, while also tackling issues of jealousy, fear, deception, and lust. Her single ‘Trouble’, released through U.K. singles label Skeletory, will get stuck in your head for days and is the perfect road trip jam, along with its music video, directed by her brother Kit Knows. Ralph is releasing her next single for fall 2015, and her upcoming EP will be available spring 2016. When she’s not writing hit tracks, Weyman enjoys pink bubble baths and Korean horror films.

Photo Credit: Gemma Warren