Sep 21, 2018


The collaborative vision of vocalist Kristin Henry and producer Brad Boettger, Seattle-based electronic duo NAVVI carry an instantly magnetic presence. First emerging with their debut single in 2013, their confident take on brooding, propulsive, darkly-lit synth-pop has been on display over a steady string of self-released singles, an inclusion on a compilation curated by the French label Kitsuné, as well as their excellent 2014 EP, II. Press outlets such as NME, Brooklyn Vegan, Impose, Line of Best Fit, and Jay-Z’s Life+Times have all been quick to praise their alluring sound, and they’ve been handpicked by the Capitol Hill Block Party and KEXP to perform on stages all across Seattle. Their debut full-length album Omni arrived in May 2016, further introducing listeners to their hypnotic sound, a rich fusion of crisp beats, driving rhythms, evocative guitars, nocturnal atmospheres, and Kristin’s intoxicating ethereal vocals. The album was released by Seattle-based independent label Hush Hush Records run by KEXP DJ Alex Ruder. On September 28th, NAVVI are set to return to Hush Hush with their highly-anticipated sophomore album ULTRA, another stunning entry into their filler-free catalog.