Aug 31, 2018

Andri Snær Magnason

Andri Snær Magnason is one of Iceland’s leading literary voices. His work ranges from poetry, to non fiction to sci-fi and fantasy, plays and documentary film. His work has been performed or published in more than 35 languages. His novel LoveStar won the leading Sci Fi Awards in France 2016, Le Grand prix de l’Imaginaire and a Philip K. Dick citation of Excellence is USA. Andri has won the Icelandic literary awards in all categories, for fiction non fiction and YA/Childrens books. His next book comes out in April 2019, The Casket of Time a YA book for all ages, by Restless book’s has already been sold to 14 countries. Andri is currently the chairman of Reykavík, Unesco City of Literature.