Aug 31, 2018

Icelandic Menu at Cuoco – Cocktails

Not Quite Yoghurt? | $14
Brennivin, Icelandic Provisions Strawberry Lingonberry Skyr, milk, pomegranate, fresh lemon

Arctic Forest Fizz | $14​
Reyka vodka, fresh lime, chervil, arctic thyme, reindeer moss shrub, bubbles

Jungle-Waterfowl | $15
Brennivin, pineapple, lemon, sea salt, dansk mjod mead, blueberry infused campari garnished with blueberries

Black Gull | $15
Reyka Vodka, Brennivin, cucumbers, dill, pickle brine, squid ink, celery bitters, sugar, sea salt, lime garnished with cucumber and dill