Aug 31, 2018

Nikki Koth

Nikki’s family migrated to the United States from Cambodia after the Khmer Rouge Genocide. Growing up, she distinctly remembers watching her grandma pickling all sorts of vegetables, chopping herbs and shaving coconut. Since then she’s always been interested in unique flavors that could elevate food and cocktails. When she took over as assistant manager at Trattoria Cuoco, she oversaw the beverage program and found her love for Amari and Italian wine. She loves how the bitterness from the Amari can change the flavors of a cocktail, so she created a menu that would showcase some of Italy’s finest digestifs with a cocktail menu that is approachable, diverse and tasty.  Nikki loves the restaurant industry and her hope is to someday open a restaurant where she can incorporate fine wine with Cambodian food!