Aug 31, 2018

Teitur Ridderman Schiöth

Teitur Ridderman Schiöth is among the premier bartenders of Iceland. He began his training in traditional Icelandic establishments and quickly realized that he had more to offer the hospitality industry. After his  training with the European Bartending School in Thailand, he spent a year working abroad in Dusseldorf Germany. In Dusseldorf he assisted several bars with expanding their operations and cocktail programs before coming back to Iceland. Since his return, Teitur has succeeded in making his impact in the service industry in Iceland. Slippbarinn, the first proper cocktail bar in the city, was happy to welcome him back as a head of the bar. During his time there, Teitur helped design two new cocktail menus and won the national Brennivín cocktail competition with Svartafell, a combination of Brennivín, raspberry, and rhubarb bitters. While Slippbarinn provided a comfortable work environment  for enhancing his craft, other opportunities loomed on the horizon: Pablo Discobar, a ridiculously unique vision of one of the most unique bartenders in Iceland, was on the hunt for professional staff – Teitur saw this as a career move.

Since becoming the bar manager of Pablo Discobar, Teitur has ensured that every experience in the lively gathering place is one to be remembered. The vision is simple: make the list for the top 50 best bars in the world. The slogan ‘’one team, one dream’’ drives the everyday functioning of the establishment, and every team member has a matching tattoo as a constant reminder to strive for greatness!