Jan 04, 2018

An Introduction to Icelandic Food

Icelanders are among the world’s healthiest, happiest and longest-living people – and many believe their pure, natural diet is the reason for this. Iceland’s cuisine (like many aspects of Icelandic culture) is influenced by the country’s nature, landscape and water.

Iceland has one of the highest per-capita fish consumption rates on the planet. The country’s fisherman, known for sustainable fishing and spectacular seafood, have worked the seas for centuries, passing on their knowledge and techniques to each generation.

When enjoying a meal in one of Reykjavik’s amazing restaurants, look for traditional Icelandic fare like langoustine, arctic char, free-range lamb and even geothermally-cooked bread! And, of course, you have to try the legendary Icelandic skyr! The cultured dairy product is a huge part of Iceland’s national identity.

Hoping to try some Icelandic food but can’t make it to the island soon? Look for Icelandic Brand Seafood and High Liner brand seafood throughout North America, and grab some Icelandic Provisions at your local grocery store!