Mar 11, 2019

2017 Stockfish

Film Program – Shortfish 2017

Arnbjörn -Director: Eyþór Jóvinsson

Despite knowing all of Iceland’s families better than most people, the genealogist, Arnbjörn, has never had a family of his own.

C -Vítamín -Director: Guðný Rós Þórhallsdóttir (Contest winner 2017)

Two young girls collect things to sell on a raffle they say, to support chronically ill children.

In the Dark Room -Director: Anna María Helgadóttir

A woman, B., is fed up with her groundhog day life in a boring apartment building with her husband Bror and their two children.

Kalí’s Solitude-Director: Guðjón Ragnarsson

A young girl in a future far away struggles with loneliness and pollution.

That’s what friends are for -Director: Brynhildur Þórarinsdottir

Annelle’s diva cup is stuck inside her and Lovisa tries to help. A film about friendship and the director’s ode to girls, blood, nail polish and sex toys.

VAKA-Director: Teitur Magnússon

Imprisoned by denial, a young woman tries to redeem something she once lost.

About Stockfish Film Festival

Stockfish Film Festival in Reykjavík is the film industry’s festival in Iceland. It was founded in 2015, as a reincarnation of the Reykjavík Film Festival (Kvikmyndahátíð í Reykjavík), which was established in 1978. The festival aims to create a platform in Reykjavík to encourage collaboration between domestic and international film communities and gives the general audience an opportunity to see some of the most up-and-coming art-house films in the world. The festival takes place late February every year and is held in collaboration with ‘Heimili kvikmyndanna’, Bíó Paradís, Icelandic Film Centre and all of the film professional associations in Iceland; The Film Director’s Guild of Iceland, Association of Icelandic Film Producers, Society of Women in Filmmaking (WIFT), Icelandic Actors Guild, The Icelandic Cinematographers Society and The Icelandic Dramatists’ Union. For further information: http://stockfishfestival.is

About Shortfish Competition

A part of Stockfish Film Festival’s goal is to assist up-and-coming Icelandic filmmakers and one of the ways the festival does that is the shortfilm competition, Shortfish. Five to six films are selected every year to participate in the competition by a committee of judges from the film industry. The films are screened during the festival with at least one Q&A screening, which is always popular with the audience, both Icelandic and international. The winner of Shortfish is granted the title of that year’s Shortfish in addition to an award that will further the film maker’s career, for example an film making equipment.


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