Feb 06, 2017

Bryan Ames

The Merchant’s bar manager, Bryan Ames, began his career in the service industry by walking to his local bar and asking if they needed a bartender.  With no experience in bartending, he offered to work for free for two weeks on the promise that “If you like me after that, hire me.”  Over the past 11 years in Boston, Bryan’s resume has provided him with diverse opportunities.  As General Manager of the Boston University Pub and later Sunset Cantina, he created educational programs for both craft beer and tequila. He recently taught his “Beer 101” class at Harvard University as well as provides tequila tastings for the staff.  He served as Head Bartender at The Beat Brasserie in Harvard Square for nearly two years, developing his understanding of wine and craft cocktails.  In November of 2016, Bryan departed for a 6 month trip around the world with his partner Marisa, starting in Iceland and ending in New Zealand, educating himself on many of the world’s cocktails, spirits and beers. Bryan has concocted a special cocktail for Taste of Iceland Boston called the “Blue Lagoon” You can find the recipe below!

Blue Lagoon