Food & Drink Nov 19, 2020
Prepare Holiday Lamb the Icelandic Way! Learn the unique and traditional method for preparing holiday lamb.
Business & Government Nov 14, 2020
“Small Country, Big Ideas” Showcases the Future of Icelandic Investment Learn more about Iceland’s startups, investment opportunities and more!
Music & Art Nov 05, 2020
Learn About the Icelandic Folk and Outsider Art Museum! The unique art museum showcases work from contemporary artists in Iceland.
Nature & Environment Nov 04, 2020
Get to know Blue Lagoon’s new Algae Bioactive Concentrate! Read on to learn what makes Blue Lagoon’s skin care line so special.
Food & Drink Nov 03, 2020
Try A New Smoothie Recipe Featuring Icelandic Fish Oil! Wellness blogger and influencer Jovanna Morgan shares a delicious smoothie recipe with a boost!
Food & Drink Nov 03, 2020
Celebrate “Meat Soup Day” with Grandma’s Meat Soup Recipe! See how you can participate in a classic Icelandic tradition!
Literature Nov 02, 2020
News from the Icelandic Literature Center Check out the center’s new authors’ website and video!
Nature & Environment Oct 27, 2020
When Is The Best Time To See the Northern Lights? Check out the information you should know to see the northern lights on your next trip!
Nature & Environment Oct 26, 2020
Landsvirkjun Explores New Green Hydrogen Project with the Port of Rotterdam The National Power Company of Iceland and the Port of Rotterdam have signed a Memorandum of Understanding to explore the possibilities of green hydrogen export.
Nature & Environment, News Oct 23, 2020
Explore Iceland Along the New Westfjords Way Driving Route! Take the road less traveled and explore the culture of the Westfjords.
Nature & Environment Oct 21, 2020
Stream the Beautiful Northern Lights At Home! With the Live Aurora Network, anyone can see the northern lights in their own home.
Music & Art Oct 09, 2020
Watch Icelandic Snowboarder Rúnar Pétur take on Austurland in Fjörd Lines! The upcoming Fjörd Lines documentary follows Rúnar Pétur as he conquers the slopes and fjörds of Austurland.
Nature & Environment Oct 06, 2020
Landsvirkjun Furthers Its Commitment to Sustainable Development! Iceland’s National Power Company is among the first companies globally to adopt a new approach to finance green assets.
Food & Drink Oct 02, 2020
Spice up your Breakfast with a Smoothie Featuring Icelandic Fish Oil! Through October, you can get 30% off the Icelandic Smoothie Booster on Amazon.
Products & Services Oct 02, 2020
Icelandair Announces New Partnership with easyJet Icelandair is joining the Worldwide by easyJet platform
Food & Drink Oct 02, 2020
Celebrate Fall With a Reyka-Infused Pumpkin Spiced Latte! Add an Icelandic twist to your Pumpkin Spiced Latte with Reyka Vodka
Nature & Environment Sep 29, 2020
Why Is The Blue Lagoon Blue? Learn the science behind what gives the Blue Lagoon its color!
Food & Drink Sep 28, 2020
Now Available: Icelandic Provisions’ New Line of Fruit and Nuts Skyr Check out Icelandic Provisions’ three new fruit and nuts flavors at your local Whole Foods!
Nature & Environment Sep 04, 2020
Iceland’s Diamond Circle is Now Open! The Diamond Circle connects travelers to stunning landscapes and historic landmarks in the Northeast of Iceland.
Nature & Environment Sep 01, 2020
Celebrate the International Day of the Icelandic Horse with a Contest from Horses of Iceland! Share your photos of Icelandic Horses for a chance to win some awesome prizes!