Products & Services Mar 27, 2020
Resources and Support from Icelandair Stay up to date on the latest travel advisories and news.
Literature Mar 26, 2020
The Icelandic Literature Center’s “Books From Iceland” List is Out Now! The list includes top works across several genres and translated titles.
Nature & Environment Mar 24, 2020
Landsvirkjun Commits to Being Carbon Neutral by 2025! Landsvirkjun shifts to renewable energy production in an effort to reduce their carbon footprint.
Nature & Environment Mar 24, 2020
Learn How Icelandic Sheep Farmers are Working to Fight Climate Change Founded on agriculture and fisheries, Icelanders take special care to preserve the country’s natural wonders.
Nature & Environment Mar 18, 2020
Icelandic Glacial Introduces New Sustainability Efforts! Iceland’s purest water is improving on its already carbon neutral footprint.
Nature & Environment Mar 02, 2020
Iceland: The Road Trip You’ve Always Wanted Guest post by Jenny Holt
News Feb 27, 2020
Landsvirkjun and Reykjavik Data Center Announce Green Power Purchase Agreement! This agreement ensures the center will be powered by renewable energy.
Nature & Environment Feb 27, 2020
What are the Origins of the Blue Lagoon? Dive into the history of this incredible Icelandic landmark.
Music & Art Feb 26, 2020
Learn About the Icelandic Knitting Tradition Along the Woolen Circle! The Woolen Circle is the best route to shop, explore and learn about Icelandic wool!
Food & Drink Feb 20, 2020
Everything You Need to Know about Icelandic Provisions’ First National Ad Campaign The new campaign sets the Icelandic skyr apart from its “cousin,” yogurt.
Music & Art Feb 13, 2020
Introducing the 22nd Annual Iceland Airwaves! The world renowned event has been nominated for 2020 NME Awards’ Best Small Festival!
Music & Art Feb 10, 2020
Hildur Guðnadóttir Becomes the First Female Oscar Score Winner in 23 Years! The Icelandic composer continued her awards show sweep at the Oscars for her work on Joker
Nature & Environment Feb 05, 2020
Learn all about Sólheimar, the oldest eco-village in the world! This small Icelandic village has a whole lot of character!
Music & Art Feb 04, 2020
The History Behind the Famed Icelandic Sweater Learn about Iceland’s popular sweater that has become a cultural icon both in the country and abroad.
Music & Art Feb 03, 2020
New Book, “Showcase: Kiko Korriro”, Highlights a Late Icelandic Artist’s Famous Work The book was issued by the Icelandic Folk and Outsider Art Museum.
Nature & Environment Jan 30, 2020
Is the Blue Lagoon a Wonder of the World? Read on to learn more about the famous, breathtaking Icelandic destination
Food & Drink Jan 30, 2020
Learn How Chefs Are Revolutionizing The Icelandic Culinary Scene! These up-and-coming chefs work to promote Icelandic cuisine across the world.
News Jan 29, 2020
National Nordic Museum Receives Nomination for Best New Museum! The award category compares many impressive galleries and museums that recently launched across the U.S.
Food & Drink Jan 28, 2020
Icelandic Glacial Hits the Red Carpet at The Golden Globes! The Icelandic company hydrated Hollywood’s finest earlier this month.
Products & Services Jan 27, 2020
This Year, We’re Celebrating Iceland’s Commitment to Equality With #INRespects! Throughout 2020, we’ll be focusing on different aspects of what respect looks like in Iceland!