Nature & Environment Aug 06, 2019
Everything You Need to Know About Icelandic Lamb! Learn about Icelandic Lamb’s commitment to healthy sheep and the farmers that raise them.
Products & Services Jul 24, 2019
Icelandair Introduces Biodegradable Cutlery To All Flights! The airline is reaffirming its commitment to being an eco-friendly leader in the transportation industry.
Nature & Environment Jul 16, 2019
Iceland’s Vatnajökull National Park Is Named a World Heritage Site! The beautiful national park has been added to UNESCO’s esteemed list of global heritage sites.
Nature & Environment Jul 02, 2019
Hike the Stuðlagil Canyon, Iceland’s Beautiful Basalt Formation! The canyon follows the glacial river Jökulsá á Dal and leads to scenic views.
Music & Art Jun 28, 2019
See Icelandic Art Exhibit “Nr. 3 Umhverfing” at the Snæfellsnes Peninsula! The project has been traveling around the country and is on display at the Snæfellsnes peninsula now through August 31.
Products & Services Jun 27, 2019
Travel Along the Golden Circle with Icelandair! The travel package starts at just $620* and includes flights, excursions and more
Nature & Environment Jun 27, 2019
Iceland’s Animated Spokesperson, “Mr. Moss,” Encourages Visitors to Protect Icelandic Nature The cartoon aims to educate visitors on the impact foot traffic has on Icelandic moss.
Food & Drink Jun 25, 2019
Icelandic Provisions Introduces New Line of Skyr! Krímí is a new, whole milk version of skyr and is available in four delicious flavors.
Music & Art Jun 20, 2019
Iceland Airwaves Adds 20+ Artists to Performance Lineup! See acts such as Of Monsters and Men, Agent Fresco, Whitney and more!
Nature & Environment Jun 19, 2019
The Best Sights Along Iceland’s New Arctic Coast Way The route gives travelers a new way to explore Iceland’s hidden wonders.
Nature & Environment Jun 11, 2019
Arctic Adventure Cruises for the Whole Family Guest post by Jenny Holt
Nature & Environment May 30, 2019
Explore the Blue Diamond Route on Your Next Trip to Iceland! Located in the Reykjanes Peninsula, this route offers incredible natural vistas.
Nature & Environment May 29, 2019
A Part Of Us (So Near and So Far a Journey Never Ends) Guest post by Samuele Bozzoni
Products & Services May 28, 2019
Icelandair Group Receives Equal Pay Certification! The airline is now the largest private company in Iceland to receive this certification.
Food & Drink May 24, 2019
Icelandic Lamb’s New Map Shows You Where You Can Enjoy the Best Lamb in Iceland! The interactive map leads you to all the best restaurants to enjoy the delicacy throughout the country.
Music & Art May 21, 2019
Three Must-See Art Pieces in Reykjavik! Iceland’s capital is home to some magnificent art installations.
Music & Art May 16, 2019
Plan Your Trip to the Icelandic Sea Monster Museum From first-hand accounts to academic theories, the new Sea Monster Museum will indulge all your imaginations of these magical creatures!
Music & Art, Nature & Environment, Products & Services Apr 29, 2019
Top Six Things To Do In Reykjavík This Spring From golfing to art festivals, these are the top six attractions in Iceland’s capital
Products & Services Apr 29, 2019
Icelandair Announces Buddy Hotline Service The airline launches a new phone service to connect local staff members with passengers and offer their travel tips to create a one-of-a-kind experience in Iceland!
Music & Art Apr 26, 2019
Icelandic Artist, Shoplifter, Represents Iceland at International Art Competition Shoplifter will showcase her newest art at the 58th Venice Biennale 2019 Art Exhibition.