Products & Services Jun 29, 2020
The Nordic Innovation House Introduces the Hub The Nordic Innovation House New York’s essential resources and advice are now available through an online community portal!
Literature Jun 25, 2020
Icelandic Literature Center Allocates New Funds for Literary Culture The Ministry of Education and Culture granted funds under a special short-term government investment initiative.
Music & Art Jun 25, 2020
The Reykjavik International Film Festival Receives a Substantial Grant from the EU Thanks in part to the grant, RIFF will be held for the 17th time from September 24-October 4.
News Jun 24, 2020
Iceland Named the Most Peaceful Country on Earth! For the 13th year in a row, Iceland has been ranked #1 on the Global Peace Index
Products & Services Jun 23, 2020
How Lighting Is Strategically Used At Blue Lagoon Learn how lighting designers integrated lights with The Retreats’ natural surroundings.
Nature & Environment Jun 23, 2020
Herd Instincts on Iceland’s Classic Horse Trail Guest post by Claudia Flisi
Food & Drink Jun 18, 2020
Where to Order Brennivín for Unique Cocktails! How to get Brennivin shipped directly to your home.
Nature & Environment Jun 17, 2020 Landsvirkjun Plans to Expand to Hydropower Energy In Iceland The National Power Company of Iceland is embarking on new ventures with the goal of securing a carbon-free, green future. Nature & Environment Jun 05, 2020
Tune Into The Regions of Iceland Webinar Series! Learn about the seven fascinating Icelandic regions with Inspired by Iceland
Music & Art Jun 03, 2020
Learn How Icelanders Are Getting Ready To Celebrate The Summer Months! Visit Reykjavik recently launched “Sumarborgin 2020,” a new initiative to highlight the city center
Music & Art Jun 03, 2020
The Mussila app will help your child learn a musical instrument! Keep your kids entertained all summer with this award-winning program.
Nature & Environment Jun 02, 2020
How Icelanders Prepare for Fjarðabyggð Hiking Week! Hikers and outdoor enthusiasts will experience East Iceland’s mountains during this week-long event.
Food & Drink Jun 02, 2020
Celebrate Summer with Icelandic’s Sun-in-a-Cup Smoothie Blend up bright fruit with Icelandic’s Wild Fish Oil smoothie booster for a tasty snack.
Products & Services May 29, 2020
Experience Iceland at Home with an Exclusive FlyOver Iceland Sneak Peek! While many are staying at home during this time, FlyOver Iceland is bringing a new way to experience Iceland from afar with clips from its attraction!
Nature & Environment May 29, 2020
Learn How Architects Incorporated Lava Fields To Create The Retreat At Blue Lagoon! Lava fields are one of the key elements within the hotel’s geologically unique features
Nature & Environment May 29, 2020
What Warmer Months Mean for Icelandic Lamb Icelandic sheep graze the country’s vast pastures during summertime.
Literature May 28, 2020
The First Round of Icelandic Translation Grants are Awarded to a Vast Array of International Literature The Icelandic Literature Center has announced the first of its grant allocations for translations from eight languages into Icelandic.
Food & Drink May 27, 2020
Icelandic Provisions Partners with Frontline Foods Frontline Foods is a grassroots organization that works to feed frontline workers battling the COVID-19 pandemic.
Music & Art May 23, 2020
Discover Icelandic Cultural Treasures at the Skógar Museum! The museum in South Iceland is a cultural heritage collection of 18,000 regional folk craft artifacts.
Business & Government May 19, 2020
Read about Isavia’s Environmental Improvements in their 2019 Annual Report! The company released their climate report in May 2020.