News, Products & Services Mar 22, 2019
Icelandair Announces New Destination to Düsseldorf! Icelandair Adds Düsseldorf, Germany to its Flight Network.
Music & Art, News Mar 20, 2019
Reykjavík is Set to Host the 2020 European Film Awards! The prestigious awards ceremony recognizes the year’s most notable European cinematic achievements.
Food & Drink, News Feb 26, 2019
Icelandic Provisions Announces New CEO! The company behind the best traditional Icelandic skyr adds Mark Alexander to its leadership team.
Music & Art, News Feb 11, 2019
Nordic Music Biz Recognizes Icelandic Talent as Top in the Region! This year, three Icelandic musicians are honored in Norway’s Music Biz’s 20 under 30 list!
Nature & Environment, News Dec 26, 2018
Celebrate the New Year by Watching Reykjavik’s Famous Fireworks Live! Tune in to our Facebook page at 6:50pm ET for a livestream of the show!
Business & Government, News Dec 20, 2018
Big News from Landsvirkjun, the National Power Company of Iceland! Landsvirkjun announced its plans to provide power for a new data center in Iceland.
News Dec 12, 2018
Watch “Christmas is Coming,” an Icelandic Story of the Christmas Yule Lads! Enjoy a reading of the famous Icelandic tale.
News Dec 01, 2018
Icelandic Traditions Advent Calendar Countdown to Christmas and learn more about Icelandic traditions!
News, Products & Services Sep 21, 2018
Icelandair Announces New Flight Bank for 2019! The expansion will create new opportunities for travelers flying to Iceland and beyond!
News Jun 30, 2018
Highlights From Team Iceland’s World Cup Run Celebrate Team Iceland and look back on their exciting games and celebrations.
News Dec 08, 2017
Icelandic Christmas Traditions Learn all about Iceland's cultural traditions and customs during the holiday season.
Food & Drink, News Oct 25, 2017
Icelandic Glacial Donates Water Relief to Puerto Rico and U.S. Virgin Islands Iceland’s premium water is teaming up with Cher and the Stiller Foundation to donate over 600,000 water bottles to those affected by Hurricane Maria.
News Jun 16, 2017
Take the Pledge to Travel Responsibly in Iceland! Inspired by Iceland introduces new initiative and the chance to win a trip to Iceland!
News Mar 22, 2017
Icelanders Are Some of the Happiest People in the World! The UN’s 2017 World Happiness Report ranks Iceland as the 3rd happiest nation for the second year in a row.
Business & Government, News Mar 08, 2017
Iceland Sets the Global Bar for Equality on International Women’s Day The Nordic nation is taking a stand on equality in the workplace.
News Dec 06, 2016
Take Our Quiz To See Which Icelandic Yule Lad You’re Most Like Learn whether you're more of a Skyr Gobbler or a Door Slammer with this fun quiz!
News Nov 20, 2016
Record Number of Travelers Pass Through Keflavik Airport Iceland’s Keflavik airport celebrated its six millionth passenger this month!
Nature & Environment, News Sep 23, 2016
Reykjavik Will Be Carbon Neutral by 2040! Reykjavik has become the most recent Nordic country to take a stand against carbon emissions.
News Sep 21, 2016
Volkswagen is Moving to Verne Global’s Icelandic Data Center Verne Global is helping Volkswagen innovate its manufacturing with a move to Iceland.
Business & Government, News Jul 20, 2016
Iceland Ranks First in 2016 Data Center Risk Index Report! After years of climbing the charts, Iceland finally takes the top.