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Learn About the History of In-Water Massages At Blue Lagoon! An in-water massage is one of most unique experiences you can enjoy during your visit.
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Landsvirkjun Joins New Sustainability Collaborative, Orkídea! A new green-energy collaborative project seeks to expand sustainability to more industries in the South of Iceland.
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Herd Instincts on Iceland’s Classic Horse Trail Guest post by Claudia Flisi
Nature & Environment Jun 17, 2020 Landsvirkjun Plans to Expand to Hydropower Energy In Iceland The National Power Company of Iceland is embarking on new ventures with the goal of securing a carbon-free, green future. Nature & Environment Jun 05, 2020
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What Warmer Months Mean for Icelandic Lamb Icelandic sheep graze the country’s vast pastures during summertime.
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Landsvirkjun Commits to Being Carbon Neutral by 2025! Landsvirkjun shifts to renewable energy production in an effort to reduce their carbon footprint.
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Learn How Icelandic Sheep Farmers are Working to Fight Climate Change Founded on agriculture and fisheries, Icelanders take special care to preserve the country’s natural wonders.
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Icelandic Glacial Introduces New Sustainability Efforts! Iceland’s purest water is improving on its already carbon neutral footprint.
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Is the Blue Lagoon a Wonder of the World? Read on to learn more about the famous, breathtaking Icelandic destination