Nature & Environment Dec 31, 2020
Landsvirkjun Recognized as Leader in Climate Change Action Learn about the national power company’s vision for a sustainable future
Nature & Environment Dec 21, 2020
Go on a Joyscroll with Inspired by Iceland! Take a break from online negativity with this fun, new, interactive experience aimed at spreading positivity.
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Isavia’s CEO Endorses World’s Largest Corporate Sustainability Initiative Learn more about the UN Global Compact and Isavia’s dedication to sustainability.
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Get to know Blue Lagoon’s new Algae Bioactive Concentrate! Read on to learn what makes Blue Lagoon’s skin care line so special.
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When Is The Best Time To See the Northern Lights? Check out the information you should know to see the northern lights on your next trip!
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Landsvirkjun Explores New Green Hydrogen Project with the Port of Rotterdam The National Power Company of Iceland and the Port of Rotterdam have signed a Memorandum of Understanding to explore the possibilities of green hydrogen export.
Nature & Environment, News Oct 23, 2020
Explore Iceland Along the New Westfjords Way Driving Route! Take the road less traveled and explore the culture of the Westfjords.
Nature & Environment Oct 21, 2020
Stream the Beautiful Northern Lights At Home! With the Live Aurora Network, anyone can see the northern lights in their own home.
Nature & Environment Oct 06, 2020
Landsvirkjun Furthers Its Commitment to Sustainable Development! Iceland’s National Power Company is among the first companies globally to adopt a new approach to finance green assets.
Nature & Environment Sep 29, 2020
Why Is The Blue Lagoon Blue? Learn the science behind what gives the Blue Lagoon its color!
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Iceland’s Diamond Circle is Now Open! The Diamond Circle connects travelers to stunning landscapes and historic landmarks in the Northeast of Iceland.
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Celebrate the International Day of the Icelandic Horse with a Contest from Horses of Iceland! Share your photos of Icelandic Horses for a chance to win some awesome prizes!
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The History of Blue Lagoon Skincare Learn how the healing qualities of Blue Lagoon’s waters were discovered!
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Learn About the History of In-Water Massages At Blue Lagoon! An in-water massage is one of most unique experiences you can enjoy during your visit.
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Landsvirkjun Joins New Sustainability Collaborative, Orkídea! A new green-energy collaborative project seeks to expand sustainability to more industries in the South of Iceland.
Nature & Environment Jun 23, 2020
Herd Instincts on Iceland’s Classic Horse Trail Guest post by Claudia Flisi
Nature & Environment Jun 17, 2020 Landsvirkjun Plans to Expand to Hydropower Energy In Iceland The National Power Company of Iceland is embarking on new ventures with the goal of securing a carbon-free, green future. Nature & Environment Jun 05, 2020
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