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Icelandic Provisions Introduces New Line of Skyr! Krímí is a new, whole milk version of skyr and is available in four delicious flavors.
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Icelandic Glacial’s Business In North America Is Booming! Iceland’s premium bottled-water brand is expanding into more retailers than ever.
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Check Out Reyka Vodka’s New “Cold Brewtini” Cocktail Kit! Reyka’s latest cocktail is a modern twist on the traditional espresso martini.
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Omnom Chocolate Wins Multiple Awards! The Icelandic chocolate makers were awarded 11 prizes at the European bean-to-bar competition.
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Icelandic Provisions’ Popularity is Growing! High profile celebrities and athletes indulge in Icelandic Provisions’ famous skyr.
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Iceland’s Favorite Brewery Is Creating a New Beer for the World Cup! Borg Brugghús is teaming up with a Moscow brewery to create a special flavor in honor of Iceland’s journey to the World Cup.
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Try Icelandic Provisions’ New Skyr Flavor! This tasty new skyr holds hints of cherry and black currant.