Music & Art Dec 02, 2020
Icelandic Film Productions are Continuing to Increase The Icelandic Ministry of Education, Science and Culture recently published the first comprehensive policy on film industry and film culture.
Business & Government Dec 01, 2020
Check out Investable Universe’s Interview with Iceland’s Minister for Foreign Affairs The discussion touches on everything from renewable energy to gender equality and more.
News Dec 01, 2020
Which Icelandic Yule Lad Are You? Take our quiz and find out which Icelandic Yule Lad matches your personality!
Music & Art Dec 01, 2020
Listen to the “Out There” Podcast Produced by the Icelandic Art Center Learn about the Icelandic art scene with this new podcast series.
Nature & Environment Nov 30, 2020
Isavia’s CEO Endorses World’s Largest Corporate Sustainability Initiative Learn more about the UN Global Compact and Isavia’s dedication to sustainability.
Business & Government Nov 30, 2020
Landsvirkjun Releases Competitive Pricing Report Landsvirkjun released the report as requested by the Ministry of Industries and Innovation in Iceland.
Food & Drink Nov 25, 2020
Welcome Winter with Recipes from Icelandic! Try out new recipes featuring nutritious Icelandic Fish Oil and Icelandic seafood
Products & Services Nov 25, 2020
How Reykjavík is Celebrating the Holiday Season Though the holidays look different this year, find out how Iceland is still ringing in holiday cheer!
Products & Services Nov 24, 2020
Icelandair Offers Flexible Booking on Relaxing Iceland Getaway! Thinking of booking travel safely in 2021? Icelandair’s flexibility makes it easy.
Products & Services Nov 24, 2020
Blue Lagoon Products Perfect for Your Whole Family! Check out Blue Lagoon’s Holiday Gift Guide
Music & Art Nov 23, 2020
Relive Taste of Iceland in North America! Watch all your favorite events from the first-ever virtual Taste of Iceland below.
Food & Drink Nov 23, 2020
Enjoy an Espresso Martini with an Icelandic Twist this Holiday Season! Mix up this Icelandc-infused classic cocktail.
Music & Art Nov 23, 2020
Pre-order “Smekkleysa 33 1/3 Birthday Book” for Exclusive Images and Details of Iceland’s Greatest Musicians The book from the Icelandic record label will be available for order on December 1.
Literature Nov 20, 2020
Translation of Icelandic Literature is Growing Around the World Check out the growing number of books translated by Icelandic authors!
Events Nov 19, 2020
Learn About Iceland’s Famous Christmas Village! Each year, Hafnarfjörður is transformed into a beautiful winter wonderland
Food & Drink Nov 19, 2020
Prepare Holiday Lamb the Icelandic Way! Learn the unique and traditional method for preparing holiday lamb.
Business & Government Nov 14, 2020
“Small Country, Big Ideas” Showcases the Future of Icelandic Investment Learn more about Iceland’s startups, investment opportunities and more!
Music & Art Nov 05, 2020
Learn About the Icelandic Folk and Outsider Art Museum! The unique art museum showcases work from contemporary artists in Iceland.
Nature & Environment Nov 04, 2020
Get to know Blue Lagoon’s new Algae Bioactive Concentrate! Read on to learn what makes Blue Lagoon’s skin care line so special.
Food & Drink Nov 03, 2020
Try A New Smoothie Recipe Featuring Icelandic Fish Oil! Wellness blogger and influencer Jovanna Morgan shares a delicious smoothie recipe with a boost!