In North America Aug 27–Sep 29, 2020

View “Art’s New Natures” Exhibit Online at the Streaming Museum!

Experience the evolution of art in this virtual exhibit by seven renowned Nordic artists.

As social distancing measures continue across the world, artists are experimenting with new methods to share their creativity with the public. Seven internationally recognized Nordic artists have come together to present Digital Dynamics: Art’s New Natures. The exhibit, which is on view at the digital “Streaming Museum,” addresses current challenges for art’s place, meaning, and role in a world of change. 

Art’s New Natures highlights art’s response to the recently changing modes of human existence. Its digital nature redefines the concept of connection, focusing less on art as an object and more on alternative methods of expression through storytelling and the human imagination. In addition to artwork, viewers can also access interviews in which the artists offer their perspective on technological communication platforms’ capacity to connect international audiences in a way that physical art spaces cannot. 

The artwork on display includes: 


Visual artist Æsa Björk and musician/performer Tinna Thorsteinsdóttir have collaborated on this ongoing series of glass sculptures for digital presentation. The project, which began in 2015, aims to transmit the emotions of isolation and loneliness that exist during the pandemic and to demonstrate that these feelings are widespread. 

The Park

Anders Eiebakke depicts the COVID-19 pandemic as an invisible threat through a theatrical monologue on film. 


In an exhibit that transforms your smartphone into makeshift VR goggles, Lundahl and Seitl allow viewers to experience and reflect on the absences created by the pandemic. Viewers interact with one another, but fail to fully share each other’s realities, leading them to consider how they balance resilience and resistance when adapting to a new environment.


Anne Katrine Senstad’s short film is based on a chapter from French philosopher Roland Barthes’ book How to Live Together and features actor Bill Sage. The work focuses on the concept of tolerance and the sovereign good as a place of utopia. 


This sound artwork by Jana Winderen submerges listeners under water and land to hear the sounds of nature. 

Are you ready to experience Art’s New Natures? The exhibit will be open until September 30th at the Streaming Museum. Visit their website to participate in the artwork and to learn more information about the artists. 

Featured Image Credit: Finnbogi Petursson