In Iceland May 23–27, 2017

The Vaka Folk Arts Festival Returns May 23-27!

Experience the artistry and charm of this Icelandic cultural event.

The Vaka Folk Arts Festival is a fusion of tradition and innovation, where contemporary artists bring the music and craft of an ancient time to life. Between concerts, dances, handcrafts, workshops and sessions, Vaka attendees experience the best of Icelandic folklore and culture.

Ancient Icelandic rímur ballads and old traditional instruments such as the langspil and fiðla are featured in the festival’s songs and dances, offering audiences a truly authentic introduction to the folk tradition. With vocal and instrumental workshops supplementing these performances, attendees may even pick up a tune or two themselves!   

Between the singing and dancing, participants are invited to explore the historic town center, which offers a variety of cafes, restaurants and bars, in addition to botanical gardens and museums.

Whether attendees choose to mingle with artists in the intimate festival setting or explore the beautiful town of Akureyri, the Vaka Folk Arts Festival promises a weekend filled with adventure and excitement.

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