In North America May 04, 2021

Tune Into A Livestream All About Volcanoes with Helga Torfadottir on May 4 at 3pm ET

Learn about the recent eruption and volcanism in Iceland with Helga, a Geologist and Volcanologist!

On March 19th, the 6,000 year old volcano on Mount Fagradalsfjall erupted on the Reykjanes peninsula, capturing the attention of the world. Join us for a livestream event on May 4 at 3pm ET on Iceland Naturally’s Facebook page to learn all about Iceland’s geology, volcanism in Iceland and  the recent eruption in Iceland.

Geologist and Volcanologist Helga Torfadottir will host a lecture delving into Iceland’s formations and the recent eruption, showing maps, figures and incredible imagery she’s taken herself throughout her career  to help viewers understand the science behind these natural events.

Prepare for the livestream event by checking out Helga’s Instagram page and be sure to RVSP on Facebook!