In Iceland Oct 02–10, 2018

Take A Journey Through Iceland with the “Presence is Power” Program

Icelandic spiritual teacher Gudni Gunnarsson will lead the excursion from October 2-10.

This October travelers are encouraged to embark on a life-changing journey lead by Gudni Gunnarsson, Iceland’s foremost spiritual teacher and personal coach. Gudni has created an eight day program, entitled Presence is Power- Journey to the Center of Your Heart, to guide participants through a path of self illumination and discovery. “Presence is Power” is intended to help attendees express who they are at the deepest level.

The program is based off two practices: Gudni’s renowned “Presence is Power” work and the GlóMotion wellness system. The Presence is Power program leads one to the inner control we all possess. When done correctly, it will help you invest your energy in being the change in your life. While Gudni’s program is largely based off mental strengthening, the GlóMotion wellness system focuses on physical health. It incorporates traditional yoga and modern advances to improve core strength, endurance, fluidity, breath control, and equanimity – all resulting in transformative physical and energetic benefits.

The entire journey is based of seven steps: awareness, responsibility, purpose, commitment, advancement, insight and gratitude. Each day focuses on a different step while visiting a new location in Iceland. The tour will take participants from Iceland’s renowned Blue Lagoon to Reykjavik, with stops at important Icelandic landmarks, such as the Golden Circle and the Snæfellsjökull glacier.

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