In Iceland Sep 29–Nov 15, 2020

Takashi Nakagawa’s Exhibition “Forests/Glaciers” Is Now On Display at the Reykjavík Museum of Photography

Experience this exhibition through November 15!

Takashi Nakagawa’s exhibition “Forests/Glaciers” will be on display at the Reykjavík Museum of Photography in the Reykjavík City Museum from now until November 15, 2020. The exhibit is his visual representation of the relationship between forests and glaciers in the Icelandic environment. Nakagawa’s inspiration for the exhibit draws from his observation of the effects of climate change. 

Takashi Nakagawa recalled his epiphany for the display saying, “One winter day, I found a frozen leaf glowing by sunlight on the glacier lake in south Iceland. I looked around but didn’t see any trees, and realized that I had hardly seen any forests in Iceland. I began to photograph forests and glaciers and researched how they were formed and lost in Iceland in the past. In this project, I use double exposure to highlight the delicate relationship between forests and glaciers. These two very different elements have a profound impact on the Icelandic environment. It is my hope that this work gives a voice not only to the climate change crisis in Iceland but how it can impact the global environment.”

Takashi Nakagawa is an artist based in Kyoto, Japan. He has received several awards such as National Geographic Travel Photographer of the Year, and his work has been published throughout international media. Takashi Nakagawa’s focus is not only on photography but also on his installation art in Japan and Iceland.

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