In Iceland Apr 28, 2018

Ski Through Iceland During Fossavatn!

The popular cross country ski race returns to Iceland for its 83rd competition

This April, the Fossavatn cross country skiing competition returns for its 83rd competition. Skiers from across the country will gather in Ísafjörður, Iceland to participate in the events. The five-day competition features different length courses for both children and adults ranging from 1 km to 25 km.

Participants in the race will be housed at Hotel Isafjordur with special deals from Icelandair for travel accommodations.

Fossavatn is a staple sporting competition in Icelandic culture, and many cross-country ski superstars have competed in the marathon, such as Thomas Alsgaard, Suzanne Nyström, and Hilde G. Pedersen. The most successful Fossavatn athlete over the past 83 years is local skier Kristjan Rafn Gudmundsson, who won the race 12 times in the 1960s and ‘70s.

The competition ends with the Fossavatn final party on April 28th. The celebration features a buffet of traditional Icelandic seafood and vegetarian dishes as well as music and entertainment. Spectators, tourists, and participants are all invited to partake in the festivities. Click here to buy your ticket.

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