In North America Oct 03, 2018

See Renowned Icelandic Writer Sjón at The New York Public Library!

Laurie Anderson will join Sjón to discuss their interdisciplinary approaches to producing work.

The New York Public Library will be hosting renowned Icelandic writer Sjón and American artist, Laurie Anderson on October 3rd for a discussion on creativity, gender and their new work. The discussion is part of the New York Public Library’s series “Live From The NYPL” that features regular conversations with popular writers, artists and thought-leaders.

Icelandic poet, lyricist and novelist Sjón is well known for his collaborations with Björk and performances as Johnny Triumph with the band The Sugarcubes. Sjón’s work has been honored with the The Nordic Council’s Literature Prize in 2005 for “Skugga-Baldur” and the 2013 Icelandic Literary Prize. Sjón is also president of the Icelandic PEN Centre. You can find all of Sjón’s pieces here.

Laurie Anderson is a composer, musician and film director. She is best known for her single “O Superman” that reached number two on the UK pop charts in 1981. Laurie also creates new instruments that influence her electronic music, including a tape-bow violin that uses recorded magnetic tape on the bow instead of horsehair. Laurie also created a voice filter, which deepens her voice into a masculine register that she uses in many of her songs. Laurie was honored with the Women’s Project Theater Woman of Achievement Award in 2010.

The discussion at The NYPL will explore Sjón and Laurie’s own creative techniques in various genres based on their diverse traditions and cultures. The two creatives will also open a discussion with the audience to talk about these topics and cultivate an engaging conversation. Tickets can be found here.

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