In Iceland Aug 08–13, 2017

Reykjavik Shows Its Pride!

From August 8-13, Iceland celebrates its LGBTQI community.

Love conquers all at Reykjavik Pride! The 6-day festival is one of Iceland’s biggest events of the year with over 200,000 participants. Held traditionally in August, the Pride event takes advantage of Iceland’s midnight sun phenomenon, allowing for more LGBTQI celebrations throughout the day and night.

The theme of Reykjavik Pride 2017 is LGBTQI art and artists. According to the management team, this theme celebrates “the rich culture of Icelandic LGBTQI artists who are known for boldness and for using their art as a platform to ask uncomfortable questions about their life and identity.” Iceland has been applauded for its welcoming nature to the entire LGBTQI community and has been recognized as one of the happiest countries to be openly gay. In fact, Iceland was the first country to have an openly gay head of government with the election of former Prime Minister, Jóhanna Sigurðardóttir.

This year’s schedule is stacked with countless fun and educational events, including film screenings, photo exhibitions, literary readings, music concerts and more to give attendees a glimpse of all that the LGBTQI community has to offer. Some of the week’s biggest highlights include the Pride Parade in downtown Reykjavik, a George Michael Tribute, Family Rainbow Festival, and an official Pride Party to cap off the week.

Per tradition, on the day before Pride kicks off, people from all over the country gather in Reykjavik to paint an entire street rainbow. The location of the street won’t be announced until the day of, so make sure you’re prepared with a paintbrush in hand to cover the town in color.

Many events are free, but you can also register for a Pride Pass to gain access to both the free and ticketed events. You can find a full program of events here, and check out the different pass prices.

Whether you’re in Iceland or in North America, there are plenty of ways to show your support for Reykjavik Pride. Let us know how you plan on celebrating by tweeting us @IcelandNatural!