In North America Jun 13–28, 2019

Retrospective of Icelandic Cinema Stops in Vancouver

“Wayward Heroes: A Survey of Modern Icelandic Cinema” tour makes its way through Canada.

From June 13–28, ten Icelandic films are set to screen in a retrospective exploration of Icelandic cinema at The Cinematheque in Vancouver, BC, Canada. “Wayward Heroes: A Survey of Modern Icelandic Cinema,” curated by Steve Gravestock, delves into the evolution of Icelandic cinema over the past four decades, from the 1980s to now. This series features films from 1984 through the 1990s to present day.

Opening night begins on June 13 with Children of Nature introduced by Steve Gravestock at 7:00pm. Check out the full program below!

Thursday, June 13 – 7:00pm
Monday, June 17 – 8:20pm
Children of Nature
dir. Fridrik Thór Fridriksson, 1991

Thursday, June 13 – 9:00pm
Saturday, June 15 – 6:30pm
Jar City
dir. Baltasar Kormákur, 2006

Friday, June 14 – 8:15pm
Sunday, June 16 – 6:30pm
As in Heaven
dir. Kristín Jóhannesdóttir,1992

Friday, June 14 – 6:30pm
Saturday, June 15 – 4:30pm
Under the Glacier
dir. Gudný Halldórsdóttir, 1989

Saturday, June 15 – 8:20pm
Sunday, June 16 – 4:00pm
When the Raven Flies
dir. Hrafn Gunnlaugsson, 1984

Sunday, June 16 – 8:50pm
Monday, June 17 – 6:30pm
Nói the Albino
dir. Dagur Kári, 2003

Sunday, June 23 – 6:30pm
Golden Sands
dir. Ágúst Guðmundsson, 1984

Sunday, June 23 – 8:30pm
Thursday, June 27 – 6:30pm
The Icelandic Dream
dir. Róbert I. Douglas, 2000

Thursday, June 27 – 8:20pm
Friday, June 28 – 8:20pm
Life in a Fishbowl
dir. Baldvin Z, 2014

Friday, June 28 – 6:30pm
dir. Grímur Hákonarson, 2015

The retrospective series kicked off in Toronto in May and will stop by other major cities throughout Canada, including Regina Public Library in Regina and the Cinematheque in Winnipeg.

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