Aug 22–29, 2020

Olga Vocal Ensemble is Co-Hosting the Vox Virtual A Cappella Festival

Tune into the annual Vox A Cappella Festival from August 22-29!

A cappella group Olga Vocal Ensemble and concert tour company Classical Movements are co-presenting the Vox Virtual A Cappella Festival from August 22-29! Although the annual concert could not take place in-person this year, the organizers hope to inspire digital togetherness during a time of physical distance by moving the performances and workshops online. For the first time, anyone can tune into the concert at home for free!

The Olga Vocal Ensemble is a five-person a cappella group with members from England, Iceland, Russia, and the Netherlands. The group was founded in 2012 at the Utrecht Conservatory in the Netherlands and features music from a variety of nationalities and genres. The group has released two CDs and has had several successful tour performances, including ones in Iceland, which has been a fixture tour location for the group since the beginning. The ensemble once appeared on Icelandic National Television to invite all women named Olga to their concert. The record was 13 different Olgas in one concert hall!

The Vox Virtual events will feature performances from a variety of groups from across the world, as well as instructional workshops presented by the artists. A different concert will be livestreamed each day on Facebook and YouTube. You can view the full lineup of artists here.

In addition to the free concerts, access to exclusive pre-recorded and live workshops will be available to those who make a donation to the event. All of the content from the virtual festival will remain accessible until September 13th. 

For event updates and more, check out the Vox Virtual Facebook Event and don’t forget to tune in August 22-29!