In North America Apr 09–11, 2019

Nordic Music Trade Mission Returns to Los Angeles!

The annual program will be back for its fourth year to introduce Nordic music companies and artists to the U.S. music market.

From April 9-11, 2019, five Icelandic music companies and two composers will have the opportunity to introduce themselves to the Los Angeles music market, thanks to the Nordic Music Trade Mission. Over the course of this three-day industry program, a number of Nordic music companies and artists will take part in a variety of events focused around music synchronization, licensing and publishing. These events include market and industry knowledge-building panels and round-table conversations, company visits and networking opportunities.

The Nordic Music Trade Mission is an annual program put on by NOMEX, a network of Nordic music export offices, which is made up of Iceland Music, Export Music Sweden, Music Export Denmark, Music Finland and Music Norway. The trade mission aims to increase recognition and relevance of Nordic music companies and artists, as well as their business potential in international markets. Last year’s Trade Mission to LA resulted in 42 local music industry contracts introduced to the Nordic delegation. The program serves as a valuable opportunity for members of the Nordic music industry to earn international exposure and make connections with influential figures across the music industry.

This year, five Icelandic music companies will be participating in the program: Iceland Music, 101derland, Bedroom Community, Iceland Sync and Congo Bongo. They will also be joined by two Icelandic composers: Gyða Valtýsdóttir and Valgeir Sigurðsson. Find out more about last year’s Nordic Music Trade Mission and the doors it opened for Nordic artists here!

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