In North America Apr 13, 2020

Livestream Event: Learn About Icelandic Sagas with Professor Gísli Sigurðsson!

Tune into our Facebook page on April 13 for a lesson on Icelandic Sagas

On Monday, April 13 at 3pm ET // 7pm GMT, Icelandic professor, Gísli Sigurðsson, will host a live-streamed presentation on Iceland Naturally’s Facebook page to discuss what makes Icelandic sagas so special! 

Icelandic sagas were written on calf-skin about 800 years ago, reflecting the oral memory of the world of the Vikings and emigration from Norway and the British Isles to Iceland. The presentation will feature slides annotated by Professor Gísli as he shares his vast knowledge of Icelandic sagas with viewers! 

The approximately 20 minute presentation will be followed by a Q+A session where viewers can ask any questions they might have about Icelandic sagas in the comments of the livestream, and Professor Gísli will respond to them in real time. 

Don’t miss this unique opportunity to learn all about the fascinating history of Icelandic sagas! Be sure to tune in here on Monday, April 13 at 3pm ET // 7pm GMT – and share the stream with your friends! 

About Professor Gísli Sigurðsson

Professor Gísli Sigurðsson has studied at the University of Iceland, U.C.D. Ireland, and at the University of Manitoba in Winnipeg, Canada. He has written a book on Gaelic Influence in Iceland (1988, 2000), published a complete annotated edition of the Eddaic Poems (Eddukvæði 1998, 2014), a book on Orality and the Sagas, (transl. by Nicholas Jones: Medieval Icelandic Saga and Oral Tradition (Harvard Univ. Pr. 2004)), and an Introduction to the The Vinland Sagas: The Icelandic Sagas about the First Documented Voyages across the North Atlantic (Penguin Books 2008), edited a book with Icelandic-Canadian/American settlement-lore (Sögur úr Vesturheimi 2012), and written a book on the sagas and their cultural role (Leiftur á horfinni öld 2013). Gísli is now a Research Professor and Head of the Folklore Department at the Árni Magnússon Institute in Iceland. He teaches in the Department of Folklore at the University of Iceland and was Professor II at the University of Stavanger in Norway 2008-11. Gísli has served as a Visiting Professor at the University of Manitoba in 1988 and at The University of California, Berkeley in 2009.