In North America Feb 03, 2021

Join W.D. Valgardson for “Those Highly Creative Icelandic Canadians” on Feb. 3!

The Icelandic-Canadian writer is hosting a live webinar discussing fellow Icelandic Canadian storytellers.

On February 3rd, 2021 at 7:30pm ET, the Icelandic Canadian Club of Toronto (ICCT) is hosting a live Zoom webinar entitled “Those Highly Creative Icelandic Canadians” as part of their Saga Connections monthly webinar series. During the event, Icelandic-Canadian author W.D. Valgardson will discuss many talented Icelandic Canadian fiction writers in Canada who have shaped the nation’s feeling of community. 

Although many people are aware of the significance of reading in Icelandic culture, most do not realize that these same traditions were transferred to Canada. In fact, at one time there were more books published in the Icelandic language in Winnipeg than there were in Iceland! This conversation will explore the Icelanders who brought their love of literature and storytelling to Canada many years ago. 

W.D. Valgardson taught creative writing at the University of Victoria for thirty years. He has won several awards, including the Books in Canada First Novel Award for Gentle Sinners (Oberon Press, 1980) and the Ethel Wilson Fiction Prize for The Girl with the Botticelli Face (Douglas & McIntyre, 1993). Bill’s latest book is In Valhalla’s Shadows: A Novel. Born and raised in Gimli, MB, Valgardson now lives in Victoria, BC.

The event is free for ICCT members, while non-members can access the webinar for just $8! Reserve your spot today to hear from one of the community’s leading fiction writers and to share your stories of great books. 

Connect with us on Twitter and let us know if you plan to join the exciting event!