In Iceland

Incredible Solar Eclipse Set to Take Place in Iceland on March 20

If you’re going to be in Iceland on March 20, keep an eye out for this stunning astronomical event.

On Friday, March 20, 2015, an intense solar eclipse will be visible from Iceland. From Hotel Rangá located in south Iceland, the moon will cover more than 98% of the sun, leaving only a tiny sliver of sunlight, and the sky will get a bit dimmer for a few minutes. If you’re lucky enough to be in Iceland on this day, find a pair of solar eclipse safety goggles and look up!

Since this is such a unique and rare event, Hotel Rangá will cooperate closely with the Icelandic astronomical community and has set out to donate a pair of solar eclipse goggles to every student in Iceland so they can observe the event safely. Educational products will also be provided and teacher training programs will be held in cooperation with professional astronomers and the University of Iceland School of Education. This program of donating solar eclipse goggles to every student in the country is unique and has never been done anywhere else in the world. To date, this is the biggest science outreach event to ever happen in Iceland. The primary goal of this initiative is to increase kids’ interest in science and nature.

Click here to watch a video highlighting the timeline of the March 20 solar eclipse, and stay up to date with NASA for more information about the upcoming astronomical event.