In North America Dec 15, 2018

Icelandic Christmas Children’s Event at the Scandinavia House!

Icelandic TV personalities Skoppa and Skrítla return to NYC to introduce Iceland’s advent.

On Saturday, December 15 at 2:30pm, New York City’s Scandinavia House is putting on an Icelandic Christmas celebration for kids to enjoy! The popular Icelandic children’s TV personalities, Skoppa and Skrítla, will return to NYC with Santa Claus to perform the Icelandic Advent. These two characters are joining the Scandinavia House with a screening of the first episode of their new television series for Iceland’s Channel 2, focusing on the search for Santa Claus.

Skoppa and Skrítla have entertained children on TV in Iceland for almost 15 years! They have aired over 100 TV episodes and participated in four theater plays. You can check out past performances from Skoppa and Skrita here!

After the show, the performers and audience are encouraged to participate in traditional Icelandic holiday songs and dance around the Christmas tree.

About The Scandinavia House

The Scandinavia House in New York City is the leading center for Nordic culture in the United States. It offers a wide array of cultural experiences of Iceland and other Nordic countries. The Scandinavia House provides diverse experiences, including film series, art exhibitions, concerts and performances, language courses and more.

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