Icelandic and Finnish Designers ‘Move in Together’ for Stockholm Design Week

WE LIVE HERE exhibits Nordic design in a truly unique way.

Icelandic and Finnish designers will join forces and “move in together” in an apartment in central Stockholm for Stockholm Design Week 2015 from February 2-8. Both an exhibition and event space, the WE LIVE HERE home will be decorated with Icelandic, Finnish and Swedish design curated by Hlin Helga Guðlaugsdóttir, Elina Aalto and Marika Tesolin.

According to the WE LIVE HERE website, “The exhibition focuses on the act of moving, playing with pairs of items, ‘doubles’ that often occur when two people move in together, and communicates the different themes that occur in Finnish and Icelandic design today.” Everything in the home, from food and fashion to music, jewelry and even typefaces, is a representation of Nordic design.

The project’s secondary typeface, for example, was inspired by the embossed lettering plate of a monument in Reykjavik and designed by Icelander Gudmundur Ulfarsson. Food in the house will be from Finland, Iceland and Sweden and prepared by Fannar Vernarðsson, the executive chef of Iceland’s acclaimed VOX Restaurant, and Finnish chef Sami Tallberg.

Icelandic designer and illustrator Siggi Odds is responsible for crafting the visual identity of the space, which “conveys the clashing, the coexistence and the interplay of the two design communities in a playful way, but with a closeness representing the home and everything that comes with it.” 

WE LIVE HERE has also partnered with Nordic Playlist to provide music for the exhibition. Thorugh this collaboration, one trusted artist or tastemaker will complie a 10-track playlist each week consisting of their two favorite tunes fron each nordic country. Lexter Sound Architects, a company out of Stockholm, is responsible for the sound architecture in the home.

The WE LIVE HERE home will host several events over the next few months, including a housewarming party (Feb. 4), a Nordic design lunch (Feb. 5), and family workshops (Feb, 7-8). Click here for a complete list of WE LIVE HERE events. 

Click here to learn more about design elements in the home and here to learn more about the designers involved with the project. Plus, follow WE LIVE HERE on Twitter for updates on their experience!