Feb 23, 2018

The Iceland Winter Games Return to Akureyri March 23-25

From dog sledding to heli-skiing, check out all the events at one of Iceland’s biggest winter festivals.

The Winter Olympics may be coming to an end, but the competition is only just heating up at Iceland’s Winter Games! From March 23-25, winter sports enthusiasts from all over the world will gather in Akureyri, dubbed the ski capital of Iceland, to watch this exciting series of events.

Originating as a single event for AFP world tour freeskiing, the Iceland Winter Games is now heading into its fourth year and has become one of the biggest winter festivals in Europe. The games host events that you can’t find anywhere else in the world, including the ‘Volcanic Big Air’ freeski and snowboard competition, the Icelandic National Dog Sledding Championship, and ‘Peak to Surf’ ski tours. Other competitions include skiing and snowboarding, snowmobile racing, Arctic horseback riding and so much more.

Outdoor and winter sport enthusiasts alike will find a variety of nearly 60 captivating events and competitions to both partake in or enjoy watching. Set against a breathtaking landscape, these games are unlike any other in the world. And after the games are over, take advantage of your time in Akureyri by checking out just some of its natural attractions, such as watching the northern lights at Mt. Hlíðarfjall, heli-skiing from the Troll peninsula, or horseback riding Iceland’s famous black sand beaches.

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