In North America Jun 18–21, 2020

Hildur Ásgeirsdóttir Jónsson on Exhibit at Abattoir Gallery

Preview week for the exhibit in Cleveland, OH begins June 18.

Beginning June 18, Icelandic artist Hildur Ásgeirsdóttir Jónsson’s work will be on display at the Abattoir Gallery in Cleveland, Ohio. Click here to reserve a ticket for one of the gallery’s small group viewings.

Hildur Ásgeirsdóttir Jónsson was born in Reykjavík, Iceland in 1963. She studied architecture at Kent State University and then studied at the Cleveland Institute of Art. She completed a BFA at Kent State in 1991 and received an MFA in 1995. She has had solo exhibitions at the TANG Museum, Reykjavik Art Museum, MOCA Cleveland, Pocket Utopia, NY, and Turpentine Gallery, Reykjavík. Her work is in the collection of The Cleveland Museum of Art and The Reykjavík Museum of Art. Check out a recent interview with Hildur here!

Featured Image Credit: Abattoir Gallery,