In North America Jun 06–09, 2017

Film and Soccer Come Together at the Kicking and Screening Festival

The 9th annual festival celebrates Iceland’s love for movies and sports.

Nothing brings people together quite like sports. Now in its 9th year, the Kicking and Screening film festival is returning to New York City to celebrate the history and culture soccer as captured on camera and its ability to to bring people together from all over the world.

The highly anticipated festival will kick off on June 6th at the Scandinavia House in midtown Manhattan. In the three nights to follow, the festival will feature four films that highlight this year’s theme, “No Boundaries.” Take a look at the diverse films that you won’t want to miss seeing this year:

June 6: Inside a Volcano

This Icelandic documentary takes viewers behind-the-scenes of the Icelandic soccer team that made it to the qualifying round of Euro 2016. A story of inspiration and hope, you’ll love watching the underdog team with big dreams make Iceland the smallest nation to ever reach a major quarter-final.

June 7: The 90 Minute War

This dark comedy provides a satirical laugh at one of the longest international conflicts. The film imagines a scenario where the Palestinian-Israeli conflict is decided by a soccer game. The winner gets to remain in the Holy Land while the loser must immediately leave.

June 8: Les Bleus: Another History of France 1996-2016

For two decades, France has seen its soccer team through joy and celebration when they won the World Cup in 1998, to pain and heartbreak from losing in the first round in 2010. This documentary takes a hard look at soccer’s history in France, and how the team has provoked questions about identity, diversity, and equality on the national and international stage.

June 9: Celtic Soul

This film follows comedic actor Jay Baruchel and renowned soccer journalist Eoin O’Callaghan as they embark on an international journey through Canada, Ireland and Scotland. Along the way, they’ll explore and celebrate their heritage and watch an unforgettable soccer match at Celtic Park in Glasgow. At the end of the screening, stick around for the Closing Night party where you’ll get to discuss the films and share in a toast with a glass of Einstok Beer!

These four films are sure to be enjoyed by Icelanders and Americans alike, so don’t miss out of the opportunity to be a part of this incredible festival! You can learn more about the event and grab your tickets here.