In Iceland Jun 19–22, 2019

Experience the Midnight Arctic Open Golf Championship

The Akureyri Golf Club hosts amateuer and professional golfers alike.

Golf is often considered a daytime activity, but Iceland’s around-the-clock sunlight in the summer months allows golfers in the land of fire and ice to play throughout the night! From June 19-22, the Arctic Golf Championship gives over 100 international golfers from all over the world the opportunity to play a challenging course that spans over 6,600 yards long into the night. Located in Akureyri, the championship’s hosting course, the Akureyri Golf Course, offers scenic views of Iceland’s countryside, and is the most northerly 18-hole course in the world.

While in Akureyri, golfers can also visit other remarkable sites, such as the Akureyri Botanical Gardens or the Goðafoss Waterfall. Known as the “capital of northern Iceland,” Akureyri offers plenty of opportunities for adventure!

Icelandic landscape

Prior to making travel plans, be sure to submit your entry to guarantee a spot in the Arctic Open. The entry fee of $349 provides golfers with the opportunity to participate in:

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