In Iceland

The Color Run, Iceland: June 6, 2015

The Color Run, also known as “The Happiest 5K in the World” is coming to Reykjavik this summer!

The Color Run is an untimed 5K race in which thousands of participants, or “Color Runners,” are splashed in different colored powder at each kilometer. The race will take place in Reykjavik on June 6. Unlike most races where finishing first is the main goal, the Color Run is designed for pure enjoyment and for runners to savor the unique experience as they traverse the city.  

The only two rules participants need to follow are: 1) Wear white at the starting line, and 2) Finish the run plastered in vibrant color! After the run, there’s a “Finish Festival” full of music, dancing, and more color throwing.  Check out the video below for an overview of the festivities:

Davíð Lúther Sigurðarson, one of the run’s organizers, said: “It’s pretty obvious that there’s a great deal of interest in this run…We’re trying to get a feeling for how many want to participate now so that we order enough color powder from India, we expect a delivery of six tons will arrive any day now.” Sigurðarson believes the event will be a success and expects tickets to sell out completely.

Presale tickets sold out in November, but general tickets are still available for purchase here. Book your trip on Icelandair today and don’t miss out on this unique opportunity! Don’t forget to like The Color Run Iceland on Facebook to stay up to date on the latest race news!